Football Supporters: No Vacation for the Overcharged and Underappreciated

The airports are jammed with sun seekers and Wimbledon is rained off, it must be the English Summer. For the nation’s footballers this is supposed to be a time of rest and recuperation before a gruelling pre-season in July. Unfortunately, the supporters aren’t so lucky.

Any football fan worth their salt knows that summer is not an end to the season or a break between them, but the beginning of the next one.

For some, the summer months are where the enjoyment in the game lies, where expectations exaggerate with every linked superstar or promising starlet. This is when a fan can dream, before the games start and the reality kicks in.

This year there is no World Cup fever. The streets are lacking the England flags and bunting of last summer, pubs aren’t full of England wigs and patriotic chants, and the kids aren’t walking around with St George’s cross Face Paint on.

This is a summer for club football, and it’s already getting exciting.

The transfer merry-go-round has already begun, with big money comings and goings at English champions Manchester United and Arsenal respectively. It is likely that these will not be the last high profile moves and whoever you support, there will probably be new faces lining up in your Team Coloursufabet เว็บตรง ทางเข้า for the pre-season friendlies.

Will your club sign the deadly striker that they so obviously need, or the midfield general to boss the park when things get tough in January? Will the manager be able to reconcile his differences with your want-away talisman, or get rid of the overpaid, injury-prone journeyman so foolishly signed last summer?

These are questions almost all football fans ponder for months on end, way before the previous season has finished. The opening of the transfer window sits like the sun on the horizon, hope for a new dawn of success with the possible influx of playing talent to rejuvenate your club.

The speculation sells newspapers, spawns huge debates online and pushes the limits of the normal football fan’s sanity. But what can a supporter do?

It’s a waiting game, and all a fan can do is get ready for the new season. Will it be your year? Will you be buying in April for the Cup Final carnival atmosphere?

Time will tell, all a fan can do is dream.