Can You Overdose on Fish Oil Supplements?

First, understand that omega 3 fish oil-and lots of it-is required so that you can evenly balance the omega 6 fatty acids that you are already ingesting on a daily basis.

Studies suggest that the average person needs about five times the amount of omega 3 fats as omega 6 fats. When you address omega 3 deficiency, you can experience a variety of health benefits including cancer and heart disease prevention, relief against inflammation, and irritable bowel syndrome, and improve your memory and general mood.

The short answer is that yes, there is such a thing as too much omega 3 fatty acids. If you take an abundance of omega dosage and actually increase these fatty acids beyond your omega 6 limit, you may experience dizziness, lowered blood pressure and sugar levels, thinned blood (and volatile reactions when mixed with anticoagulants) and other symptoms related to toxic poisoning.

Your threat of fish oil dosage side effects is increased if  rad-140 dosage cycle take in non-purified omega 3 fats, or oil made from cod liver. This type of oil has high levels of vitamins A and D-necessary for survival but toxic when overdosed.

It is highly recommended that in order to get lasting omega 3 oil benefits you buy additional supplementation made from salmon, tuna, hoki or sardines, or from flax-seed if you are vegetarian. Avoid lower quality sources of supplementation, and pure omega 3 is the best way to experience omega 3 benefits. When in doubt ask your doctor for dosage advice and remember to regularly document your moods and physical response to these beneficial fats. Here’s to your better health!